Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catching Up #3: Elenore's 1st Birthday!

I feel a little sad that we did not do much of anything for Elenore's first birthday, but she couldn't eat any type of cake that I knew how to make, we didn't have money for lots of fun presents, and she wouldn't it remember it anyway. Those are my excuses. But We had our family have a little gathering, ate pizza that poor Elenore could not share (though I did give her a sip of soda to see her reaction), and her aunts and uncles were kind enough to give her presents, and me too as my birthday was a few days before. Here she is in her cute birthday dress from a friend of mine in Virginia, and then the next day (her actual birthday) I took some little "glamor shots" of her too. Enjoy!

Birthday Girl in her throne surrounded by her presents. Of course they must all be tasted...

More tasting... that little plane, a freebie from her Uncle's work,  was one of her favorites. Go figure.

Mom trying to help her grab another present, but she is still fascinated by the plane...

"Here, dad, do want to open it, I want to play with my plane..."

Checking out her cute new hoodie from her Aunt. Polka-dots galore!

The Wonder of being One!
I gave her a rose to hold to "be pretty" and she thought she'd better taste it of course...

A little bitter, perhaps?

"Yuck, these things are gross, mom!"
Trying it in the ear... looking demure with her favorite wind chimes
Beautiful eyes...

Walking to the pool...

Pondering her next move... or the meaning of life... not sure which.

Climbing the stairs...

Bright Eyes


Attempting to be artistic...

"Hey, mom!"

A peek through the fence



My sweet girl... hard to believe it has been a year!


  1. I love all of the pictures Carolena!! Thanks for posting them. She is such a doll!! I can't wait to meet her one of these days! :)

  2. Next time, write me and I'm sure I have a recipe for a cupcake she can eat! Cakes are pretty difficult when it comes to special diets, just because they don't cook through all the way, but cupcakes are a breeze!

    You have a beautiful daughter! I need to be better at putting recipes up on my blog again!

  3. I LOVE the last picture! LOVE it!

  4. Why oh why oh why do we not all live in the same place!!?? I can't believe I haven't met Elenore yet. She is tooooo cute, Lena.