Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WORK! How grateful I am for that bane of mankind!

You know, Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden and cursed to till the ground by the sweat of his brow and all that, but I have always been grateful for both the ability to work and the actual action itself. I am even more so now that we have had this long time of waiting and searching and being rejected over and over for just simple means to support our family. It is so frustrating that we cannot just go out and till the ground anymore for our own support. We can, but you know what I mean. This is a complicated world we live in now.

As I sit knowing that my husband and provider for our little family has finally got something to do that will support us, though not what we were hoping for, or that will give us a great living, I feel like kissing the earth and smiling at the stars, and in general, thanking Heavenly Father for giving us this wonderful world, lack of Eden and all, and a way to live in it, no matter how much "tilling" and "sweating" must be done to do so. Yes, it is mostly being done by the man right now, as far as the going out and bringing home the preverbial bacon, but I am doing the (and he admits it now that he has been home this long) harder work of staying home and sweating over that bacon to cook it, and over the ones who devour it as I try my best to nurish and nurture all of us day and night... Mmm, now I am hungry for bacon!

Jonathan is at his first day of work right now at Autozone, where he worked while he was in the national guard, and so was our fall-back if we couldn't find anything, knowing he could probably get a job with prior experience... yes, it is nothing exciting, and it won't pay for us to find our own place to live or anything, but it will pay our bills while we wait. What are we waiting for now, you ask? Jonathan finally has a long-term, future job - He will be joining the army again, this time as an officer, starting in February of next year. We did not think that we would ever go back to the army, but had it in the back as our option if all else failed. Well, as all the jobs Jonathan wanted were either getting cancelled or not asking for him, and options were quickly dissapearing, he decided to look into the army. . . and found that it things are a lot different than when he was enlisted, and of course being an officer also changes a lot. He was happy when he saw that the things he wanted to do in the civilian work force he could now do in the army. He also realized that there was not much else he could be prouder of doing than serving our country.

So we are really happy with the decision, and even happier that the long process of getting accepted is over and we now know. We were hoping that the school date would be sooner, but we are just grateful that he got accepted at all, as they have been denying a lot of candidates (he was one out of two who were accepted in his group) because they just don't have the space. So in February he will be in Fort Benning, Geogia, and I will hopefully be back in Buena Vista, VA!!! We decided that while we would be separated for approximately 8 months for his training, I would want to be where I had the most support amd friends, and that is no longer in Colorado, though I will be sad to be far from family again. But eventually we will start making enough that we can make visits.

Life is good; we finally have an exciting path ahead, and something right now to help pay for our needs. We are so blessed!


  1. So nice to hear that! I'm happy for you guys. We'll be glad to have you back here in good ol' BV. :)

  2. Congrats again to Jonathan! We are in EXACTLY the same place right now, so I know how you are feeling, and I'm glad things have worked out thus far.