Friday, April 23, 2010

Stop Trying to Be Perfect Already!

I have decided to stop waiting until I can create the "perfect" post with all the time line set up right and all the details perfectly chronologically set up with accompanying pictures.... I will just write something before my memory fades, as it does all too quickly... This is a constant choice in my life that takes far too long each time, to just stop trying to be perfect already!

I wanted to write some of the funny little things about Elenore that I don't want to forget. I think I will categorize them. Today we shall do...


Her hair is finally (re-)growing all over her head now and evening out, and is lightening to a golden brown. It is totally straight, but gets all fuzzy when she sleeps or rubs her head on something, and looks so adorable! There are a few strands that have remained from her newborn days of long hair, and they sometimes stand up way above the rest waving about... so funny! It also is long enough to go over her ears, and frequently does, giving her little glowy "wings".

Her eyes are my favorite thing about her! They are large and perfectly almond-shaped, framed by very long lashes, and the loveliest shade of hazel ever... I could stare into them all day long. She is very expressive with them, raising her eyebrows in all sorts of ways and meanings, dropping huge tears down her cheeks, letting them shine and sparkle with wonderment at the outdoor world, and when they light up and crinkle into a smile my heart melts into puddles all over the floor.

Speaking of smiles, does she ever have a good one! Always quick and ready, and welcoming of strangers (as long as they keep their necessary distance), and now with her two little teeth (Oops! Spoiler alert for the eventual update post about her milestones!) it has an extra little sparkle. The cutest thing about it now is that she always has a little bit of her tongue pointing out like a little strawberry, and so when she smiles, there is that little tongue, dancing around in her smile! Beyond words!

She has always been long and skinny, but is finally getting some chunk to her (still only that one little roll at the top of her thighs) with the dimples and all and it is very cute. She still reminds me of a little shorn sheep when she is all nakey, prancing about on her wobbly little legs, just like the little sheep in the Pixar "Boundin'" short film. Love it.

She has a cute little potbelly with the perfect "cinnamon roll" belly button that pokes out when she is super excited or super upset. It is priceless!.

Her feet are huge!!! They are over half as long as mine already and still growing!

Oh, and her ears! SO funny! She is like a little field mouse, like Fivel from American Tail with her big ears from her daddy, again nearly as big as mine already. The best part about them is that they do not wiggle, oh no, ... they flap! Yep, they flap a little bit when she drinks her bottle. It makes me giggle every time!

I hope that I have given you a little glimpse of my girl without any pictures yet... still workin' on that! More to come on this series (at least we can hope)!

Well, maybe I will put one picture in of what I was just doing a minute ago... Her daddy caught this on camera while we were napping... these are those special times I never want to take for granted or forget...


  1. Wow! What a beautiful post :-) See, it's things like this that make me want to wait for a "perfect post" that I spend time composing and thinking about...but, luckily for my family out west, I just rattle off whatever I'm thinking about. I hope we get to see Elenore again soon! She sounds amazingly adorable :-)

  2. Thanks, Em! I wish I were able to "just rattle", along with all the adorable pics you always put in... I love your blog. I love you. I hope we get to see you all soon too!

  3. How precious! I wish I could watch her grow up. You're writing is absolutely beautiful, too. :) Hopefully we will get to see you very soon.