Monday, April 18, 2011

Holidays and Snow Days

Here is the catch-up of all the end of the year holidays last year. There was a lot, so it is kind of long, but still fun, of course, so enjoy!
Last year she was a little chick...
 ...So this year I thought it only fitting that the costume I happened to borrow was a chicken costume... my little chick is all grown up! Sniff!
She stole that pumpkin from our friends we went with

She had on her Wee Squeak shoes I won that squeak with each step. It made the costume that much more fun, and everyone was commenting on it. Pretty cute, I must say!

Elenore and Mommy! Yes, I have become a boring adult who does not dress up anymore... partly due to the lack of the great costume trunks of my childhood home... I am just spoiled now.
We went to the business trick-or-treat in Lexington with the Davises. Tommy is Peter Pan (very fitting!) and Jack is a Lion. Such darling boys!
Visiting Tommy and Jack's daddy. No, that is not a costume, he was on duty that day.

Later at the church for the chili cook-off (where my white chili won a prize 4th year in a row!) and truck-or-treat, playing with friends

What cuties!

While waiting for Daddy to come pick us up, we took off the costume and discovered a piano!

She thought it was the coolest thing ever, and was actually "playing" it, not banging. I have a future musician on my hands, that is for sure! Hurray!

I love this one, and it reminds me of my baby pics.

After Halloween, and our pumpkin is still not carved... she was desperate to go outside, so Daddy wrapped her up and took her out. It was very cold, though he of course has no coat on, the goose.
Amongst out many blessings that year was getting to be back in VA with the Anderson's again, and ... drum roll please... another baby is on the way!!!
And our pumpkin became the centerpiece at the Thanksgiving table!
Technically not her first Thanksgiving as the bib reports, but the first one she could eat anything... didn't really do much of that though anyway. Oh well. The napkin ring was more interesting

The after-dinner stroll up to walk around campus and check out the fish pond
We are a happy family!

Christmas: Decorating the tree!

Ooo, lights!
Helping Grammy
But I want to wear some tinsel too!
Checking out the decorations and smelling the tree with Bryndy
Bringing out the angel

Need Brady's help to put up the angel

And the rest of this post is going to have to be continued later when I can get my silly card reader to work and get the other pictures loaded onto my computer for editing...


  1. So nice to see so many pictures!

  2. I wish I was back in VA. I miss so much about BV. I love the chicken costume. Very sweet.