Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mountain Days

Mountain Days is one of those special things about small towns like Buena Vista that I just love and look forward to all year. It is part of the fall festivities, and everyone just walks downtown and enjoys all the local vendor's displays, old cars, fun food vendors, and the fun games and things for kids like old water pumps, cider grinders, and old tractors. Here are some pics of our adventures this year.  

Bumping into our friends the Coopers on the walk to downtown
Exploring the bucket of water that the older kids were pumping water into rather vigorously and getting her all wet.

You can see her wet hair here as she attempts to drive the big tractor

Getting the hang of things...

This shot was the only one that captured her smile, but it was totally blown out so I put it in B&W and it looks nifty

checking out all the old cars with daddy, and some random old guy walking past....

introducing snow cones!

her first taste... cherry was the only flavor she could have. Good on the taste buds, bad on the dress...

Yummy! And cold!!!

We let her taste Daddy's too... a little orange flavor won't kill her... I hope.

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  1. I MISS BV! And you, too, of course. :) Looks like so much fun. We try to take advantage of what our town here has to offer here, too. Especially the little zoo that is really nice and free! Love it.